Hire Agreement For All Hall Users

1. Show consideration to local residents while in the hall and when leaving2. Access to the Hall at any time not booked by you by pre-arrangement only3. Any equipment materials etc used by you must be removed and/or stored in a manner and area previously agreed with the Committee 4. Ensure users are aware of the location of all fire extinguishers, fire exits and Assembly Points. All fire exits must be kept clear at all times5. Leave the hall, car park and all outside areas in good condition, i.e     i. remove all your re-cycling and rubbish from the premises    ii. floor clean and swept    iii. kitchen and toilets checked and left in good order6. Ensure all lights and heating are turned off7. Ensure kettles are unplugged from the wall socket8. Ensure all windows and doors are locked and secure9. Any complaints to be addressed to the Village Hall Committee10. If you notice any faults or repairs that need to be undertaken they should be reported in writing or email to the Village Hall Committee11. Use of the Hall and car park is at your own risk and Village Hall Committee accepts no liability12. Any damage that occurs during the period of hire is your responsibility and you will be liable for the cost of repairs13. If alcohol is available be aware that you are responsible for sensible and safe drinking and that it is a serious criminal offence to serve alcohol to anyone who is under the age of 18 or to anyone purchasing alcohol for an individual who is under the age of 1814. It is a serious criminal offence to sell alcohol without an appropriate and valid licence15. Permit any member of the Committee to visit any part of the premises at any time 16. A deposit may be requested which will be refundable provided all of the above have been complied with