Regular Activities & Clubs

We are always keen to welcome new groups to Mosterton Village Hall if you would like more information, please contact us.


Kennel Club Rally

Meet every fortnight on a Sunday morning.Contact Viv Last at ku.oc.loa%40tsaltasgod

Mosterton Art Group

Mosterton Art Group

Meet every Tuesday Afternoon.Contact Doug Drinnan at moc.tenretnitb%40nannirdrd

Mosterton Gardening Club

Mosterton Gardening Club

Meet 3rd Tuesdays of the Month in the eveningContact Sue Burnand at


Mosterton Craft Club

Meet every Friday afternoonContact Linda Pretty atmoc.tenretnitb%40ytterp.adnil

Pilates at Mosterton Hall

Pilates at the Village Hall

Classes on Monday morningsContact Felicity Cottenham atmoc.liamg%40mahnettocyticilef

Table tennis club

Mosterton Table Tennis

Meet on a Tuesday eveningContact Brian Cammell atten.bulcwu%40nairbtesrod

Kick boxing

Kick Boxing Classes

Junior and Adult Classes every Thursday eveningContact Alison Lord atmoc.sloohcsstralaitramorp%40drolnosila

Dance club

Classes for Juniors and Adults
every Friday evening

Junior and Adult Classes every Thursday eveningContact Jo Sivell at moc.loa%403lleviS 

Boot camp Fitness club

Boot Camp Fitness Classesat the Village Hall

Classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 6amContact Laurie McAllister at moc.liamtoh%40gnihcaocretsillacmeirual

Thinking of starting a new club?